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Book | 01

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Angelkind: Elevation
Launch Date: 24 July 2021

Beau is an angel.
A guardian.
Her job is to help mortals qualify for the afterlife.
But when Beau discovers that not even all angels play by the rules, she finds herself on a relentless quest for truth and justice, which might just cost her everything.

Elevation is the first book in the Angelkind series; a collection of fantasy fiction novels which tell the story of an angelic kingdom which is not all that it should be.

Book | 02
Angelkind: Revelation
Kindle pre-orders now open

Watch this space for details of the second in the Angelkind series. Launch date: 24 July 2022.

Revelation Cover - KDP.jpg



Book | 03
Angelkind: Creation
Expected: Autumn 2023


Watch this space for details of the third in the Angelkind series.

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